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Academic Honesty Policy

Hazel Park Preparatory Academy Academic Honesty Policy Middle Years Programme

At Hazel Park Preparatory Academy we promote rigorous academic integrity through meaningful work, accountability, and cooperation between staff and students to achieve success. We encourage our students to be:

  • Inquirers: who acquire the skills to conduct inquiry and research
  • Knowledgeable: who explore concepts and ideas and perspectives
  • Principled: who act with integrity and honesty and take responsibility for their own


  • Open-minded: who are open to other points of view
  • Risk-takers: who take chances and are willing to try new things

Academic Honesty- using your own skills and abilities make intellectual contributions to all classroom work

Plagiarism-claiming someone’s else knowledge or intellectual property as your own intentionally or unintentionally

Academic Misconduct

  • Coming to class without materials to work
  • Talking during a test
  • Not fully participating in group work
  • Copying someone else’s paper

Intellectual Property

        • Claiming credit for someone else’s work

       Authentic Authorship
        • Copying verbatim from a source without proper citation

Roles and Responsibilities

  1. The Principal understands and encourages academic honesty, promotes a positive

school culture, and provides resources to support academic honesty.

  1. Teachers share and provide support for academic honesty across the IB programmes. Teachers will reinforce the academic honesty policy.
  2. They will give specific requirements and written examples of proper citation for a variety of sources.
  3. Parents will provide support by sharing school’s academic honesty policy. They will encourage ethical behavior and monitor students’ work.
  4. Students will follow the academic honesty policy. They will model ethical behavior and be responsible for their actions and any consequences that accompany them. It is the responsibility of the student to be focused on the task at hand (do not do work for other classes). If a student is caught plagiarizing, the student will receive a zero with the opportunity to make up the work.
  5. Individually differentiated or accommodated work as outlined by student Individual Education Plans (IEP) will be taken in to consideration on a case-by-case basis as deemed necessary.

Grading Policy

All teachers

will use the following grading scale:

A 93% A- 90%

B+ 87% B 83% B- 80%

C+ 77% C 73% C- 70%

D+ 67% D 63% D- 60%

N 59% or less

For grading purposes the following will be used: 40% Formative Assessment
60% Summative Assessment

Late Work
Late work is dependant on the discretion of the teacher. Please see individual syllabi for further information.

Summative Assessment Make-up Policy
To make up summative assessment students must:

  • Earned a D+ or lower
  • Taken the test during assigned time- unless absent
  • Complete a test retake assignment as described by teacher
  • Initiate the retake process
  • Retake within 1 week of receiving original score

*End of quarter summative assessments cannot be made-up.
**Special circumstances will be at the discretion of the teacher as they are professionals and can use their professional judgment.

This policy shall be distributed to students, parents, and staff at the beginning of the academic school year. It will also be available on the Hazel Park Preparatory Academy website.

A committee will review this policy yearly to make any necessary changes.